NaNa’s vlog Body By Vi- challenge (Ft. Boo Boo)….

April 20th, 2013

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  • moobouncer says:

    Does she realize Body by Vi actually requires physical movement on her part??

  • TheScotttP says:

    Hope? your weight loss journey is going well :) Stay focused and forget the naysayers!

  • Itizwahtitisz says:

    Haha this? was cute

  • nana lopez says:

    carefull girlfrennnn next time punch him? in his BALLZ

  • kstromalmighty says:

    your not supposed to eat? with it

  • lambogurl123 says:

    literally a crock of shit….
    i need replacement tires, call the michelin man, no wait, i need nanaluvstroubles, she has a spare? tire for me!

  • christhaniri says:

    she is so? nigga

  • MishaCR7best says:

    how many pounds did? u have..10000000?

  • crazydevil360 says:

    she looks like the cuppy cake? boy

  • micaela mäki says:

    you’re fat?

  • Prox89 says:

    Whats the song in? the background? :)

  • InspiredxCoils says:

    -? her facial expression when the video ends.

  • Ikeharner says:

    Its marshmallow man!!! Get? the ghostbusters!!!

  • BigZpictures says:

    Jabba? the Hutt – the Disne Version :D

  • annonomous nahsg says:

    What? you did to hansolo was mean and uncalled for!

  • shanaynay schmeltzer says:

    thats what i was saying these people? dont even know her or how kind her soul is and there judging her because of her weight

  • Trang Hoang says:

    Well I wouldn’t unless I get to know her. I can’t? just walk up to some random lady and say she’s beautiful when she’s obese but I can def. say she’s beautiful when I get to know her and see that she has a good soul…

  • LuvNHugz01 says:

    Scared the absolute FUCK out of me when BooBoo? ran in the room!!

  • Jacquelyn Casperson says:

    rise above the hate? nana u need to rise above? them cheeseburgers dawg damn

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