Celebrity Superstar Hulk Hogan Joins ViSalus Sciences.flv

December 22nd, 2012

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Visalus Body By Vi Autoships are Done! What do you do on the 20th? Contests! Visalus Canada, body by vi’rs lets get this thing cranking! Visalus canada pre-launch is done and body by vi is on the map! Jason O’Toole on month end!
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  • kiron das says:

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  • 1978JeepJ10 says:

    wtf did this? have to do with visalus?

  • TheTime4money says:

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  • charukrsnadasa says:

    Nice interview.. tell them VI people to offer an all natural shake with ZERO sucrolose and artificial ingrediants? BROTHER!!

  • cgasucks says:

    Hogan? a superstar…yes…over 20 years ago…

  • viggo640 says:

    how did? i get here?

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