– Zumba Fitness Rush, available on Kinect for Xbox 360, invites you to lose yourself in the music with a fun, effective workout that offers “exercise in disguise.” Get a total body workout and party yourself into shape with 42 sizzling new songs and routines while you move to 24 international dance styles — that’s twice the number of styles included in the original Zumba Fitness game and more than any other dance game. Fans can master 45 pre-set classes or customize their own playlist with their favorite tracks. In addition, the new Progress Tracker calculates calories burned so you can maximize your workout .
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Jeff D. Jenson describes the ViSalus 90 Day Challenge and using the Neuro Energy Drink vs Competition. Need a healthy alternative to coffee or soda? Neuro is the answer!

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ViSalus – Official Site of the Body by Vi Challenge ViSalus is the #1 weight loss & fitness challenge platform in North America—rewarding over MILLION a year in free products, prizes, and vacations. The Challenge ViSalus™ is challenging the world to look at health differently…We … Nutrition Discover how success is as simple as setting a goal and selecting a … Contact ViSalus VISALUS (877.847.2587). Pre Recorded Info Line: 507.726 … Overview Tour Canada Launch Event. Be a part of history when ViSalus makes … Why Promote? Find out about the simple concept that has made the Body by Vi … About ViSalus Learn more about ViSalus Sciences and its mission of life … visalus sciences review bodybyvi body by vi robert kiyosaki ViSalus Review | Unbiased Review of ViSalus (ViSalus Sciences) ViSalus Review is a third party resource for more information on ViSalus Sciences, ViSalus Management, ViSalus Products and ViSalus’ Scientific Advisory … Ryan Blair – ViSalus Profile – Characteristics Of Most Successful … – Blyth Alliance VISALUS REVIEW Don’t join the wrong VISALUS team. Join Visalus with the top marketing team and get more spillover + … Body by Vi-Shape | Visalus Sciences Body by Vi Shakes | Visalus Sciences has created the Body by Vi Weight Loss Challenge! You can lose weight, gain weight or maintain your body at peak … Body By Vi™ 90 Day Challenge Get Fit Win Up To 10 Million www.bodybysylvia
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Senior VP of Marketing, Audrey Sommerfeld answers common questions about ViSalus products. ViSalus Sciences proudly makes a positive impact on Life, Health, and Prosperity worldwide every day thanks to a thriving community of passionate people. The company’s Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge combines leading health products with the support to help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, save money along the way, and win from millions in prizes every year Body by Vi is for Everybody, and Every BODY — this challenge is customized for YOU. Take the challenge to Save money, save time, and reshape your body!! Are you up for The Challenge? How would you like to lose weight or get in shape over the next 90 days? What if you could get awesome rewards like a new BMW for helping others do the same? For more information or to join the Challenge today visit: Work Hard – Play Hard – Live Large (and healthy!)

3 comments TRY IT FOR FREE!!! The Body By Vi Challenge is a 90 Day Transformation! Its cheaper than fast food, more nutrition than you are getting now, and it tastes like cake mix!! Are you up for the challenge? This body by vi challenge is for everybody and every BODY. Its not just about weight loss. It’s about health and healthy living. Some use the body by vi challenge from Visalus Sciences to improve their performance in sports, body building, fitness or getting their SEXY back! Over 7000000 lbs have been lost on the body by vi challenge, with over 70000 people joining the challenge monthly! The great thing about the body by vi challenge is that is easy enough for anyone to do. You don’t have to be a nutrition or fitness expert to join the challenge. Just set a goal, pick the kit that’s right for your goal and commit to the challenge for 90 days!! Soon you will transform your body slimmer sexier you! TRY IT FOR FREE!!! With professionals like Alexander Houston, Ryan Jensen, Hulk Hogan, Floyd Mayweather, Jenny Lynn, Vince Taylor and many many more all representing, using and promoting the challenge, its no wonder its the #1 fastest growing health and weight loss challenge in the world today! weight loss 90 day challenge body by vi visalus Sciences
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Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 07, 2011

XYNGULAR NEWS – MLM Superhero announces that Xyngular Corporation has hit yet another sales record for May 2011 with sales of approximately $ 1.5 million U.S.

Xyngular is the hottest new name in Network Marketing. With products being shipped to 32 countries in its first year alone, industry leaders are calling Xyngular the fastest global expansion in MLM history. Xyngular markets a unique line of energy and weight loss products that have customers reporting as much as 100 pounds of weight loss in as little as 90 days.

“People are not only losing pounds, but inches with Xyngular” stated Darren Little, CEO of MLM Superhero.”When you have a product that is this effective the results begin to go viral – and that’s exactly what is happening with Xyngular.”

Launched in December of 2009, Xyngular set out on a mission to unveil a marketing plan that would totally revolutionize the entire industry and that’s exactly what is happening. With no structural qualifications and a volume based pay plan, leaders are awarded as much as $ 9000 cash bonuses in their first 90 days in addition to 5 different ways to get paid. Couple that with a travel and incentive program to exotic destinations and additional cash bonuses – and its not surprising that Xyngular is OFFICIALLY the talk of the entire industry.

Leaders from companies such as ViSalus Sciences, Monavie, Xango Corporation, Prepaid Legal, Tahitian Noni, Goji, Zija International, Sisel International, Ardyss International, Melaleuca, ACN and even Amway are having a hard time resisting what Xyngular has to offer.

“When you take a management team that has a proven track record – debt free – combined with a product line that is shockingly effective and a compensation plan that has no structural qualifiers, even people that have had no success in MLM before are beginning to see success with Xyngular” stated Little.

Xyngular is now shipping products to 32 countries around the world. To become part of this unique and exciting global expansion, contact Darren Little direct.

Go here to read an entire Xyngular Review. Go here to find out how to Sponsor More Reps in Xyngular.

Darren Little

Xyngular Founding Member

Direct: 604-771-1901

SKYPE: DarrenLittle11

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Day 1 of Kris Humphrie’s Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge! The Body by Vi™ Challenge is a 90 day weight loss and fitness challenge! Amazing products packed with vitamins and nutrients!! Vi-Shape Shakes are designed to burn fat while building lean muscle mass! Gluten free, lactose free, diabetic friendly, heart smart, non GMO and even safe for children, & pregnant or nursing moms! It’s about you relearning how to eat properly, get healthy and transform yourself into the person you want to be! Literally, ViSalus means Life, Health, and Prosperity. ViSalus is more than just a company; we are a community of people from all walks of life who share a common goal of bringing these three core values to the world. Along the way, we get to enjoy awesome trips, financial rewards, and the gift of good health. The company is led by three dynamic Founders who have inspired countless people to begin the journey to better health and wealth. ViSalus is also a part of Blyth, Inc., a publicly traded, billion-dollar partner that gives the company the agility and opportunity of a small startup with the security and stability of an established company. ViSalus products are made from the world’s best ingredients and formulated by a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of the brightest minds in nutritional science. What has me most excited isn’t any one of these things, but actually the way ViSalus has combined all of these great benefits to launch the revolutionary Body
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Provo, UT (PRWEB) June 27, 2011

iCentris, a premiere software provider for the direct selling industry in Woods Cross, Utah, announced today an agreement to acquire Provo-based SolutionX Global, LLC, a social marketing, website design and development company, for undisclosed terms. The two companies have been competitors in the network marketing and direct sales market servicing clients such as Avon and MonaVie but, together, will now employ more than 100 people and have plans to add more jobs in 2011.

The combined strengths of SolutionX and iCentris will create a financially stable industry leader in distributor success systems, providing an unmatched offering of online business tools, social networking technology, advanced group management, prospecting/marketing systems, online training and e-commerce software. This will give SolutionX and iCentris the opportunity to leverage combined technology over the long term and offer clients a competitive suite of services in the Direct Sales, Party Planning and Network Marketing industries, significantly benefiting current and future clients as well as the website software end users.

Looking at what both companies were doing and the reputation each had in delivering a similar product to our clients, it just made sense to take the strengths from each company and combine them into something remarkable, said Peter Benedict, CEO of iCentris.

Rodger Smith, CEO of SolutionX and President of the now combined companies added, Were excited. This move is the next natural step in the growth of our companies. Were going to be able to provide an exceptional product and deliver it to an industry that has a dramatic need for it. This will create the definitive software leader that the MLM/Direct Sales industry has been waiting for.

About iCentris

Based in Woods Cross, Utah, iCentris is a premiere software provider for the direct selling industry. iCentris clients include Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller companies just getting started.

iCentris clients include Avon, Herbalife, Stampin’ Up!, Longaberger, and Mannatech. Because of the flexibility and modular nature of their tools, iCentris provides clients with online tool sets to fit variable needs, no matter company size or budget. For the past ten years, clients have used iCentris to help them achieve increased sales, higher recruiting and retention rates, improved overall customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs.

iCentris has a strong business track record both locally and internationally. The top four executives at iCentris have a combined 32 years together at the company. iCentris has a vibrant company culture which leads to low turnover rates and creates an atmosphere of familiarity for their clients over the long term.

About Solution X Global

SolutionX is a global leader in providing online distributor success systems for the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry. The SolutionX team is proud of its team of innovators who have been developing web applications since the Internet’s infancy — as far back as 1995. The current SolutionX team boasts 100+ years of experience in the Network Marketing industry as vendors, corporate employees and/or distributors.

SolutionX’s latest offering, the UNITY platform, combines a replicate website prospect marketing system, a private social network, a training and certification system and integrated sales and genealogy data to better connect, convert and unite team members and prospects. Avon, Tupperware, MonaVie, Melaleuca, Unicity, Boresha, Limu, ViSalus and many others have all put their trust in SolutionX.

Launched in 2009, UNITY provides an online home for marketers to capture and convert visiting prospects, gather in a community and share stories of success, get third party back-end data integrated with other business reports, and watch a wealth of training and tutorials on how to sell successfully.

For additional information or to schedule an interview please contact SolutionX at 801-224-4444 and info(at)solutionx(dot)com or iCentris at 801-383-3262 and info(at)iCentris(dot)com.

# # #

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Chiropractors share why they promote the Body by Vi Challenge to all of their clients.
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The.ViSalus 90 Day Challenge Weight-loss Diet Video Blog. 90 Videos – 90 Days. For the next 90 days, I am going to record myself taking The ViSalus 90-Day Challenge. Does it work? You’ll find out as we do.

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Get Started: Visalus 90 Day Challenge Party Video with Cedrick Harris, Larry Beacham, Todd Gragg, Caryn Elizabeth and the new team formed in Tampa Florida. The Body by Vi program started with music and shakes, then video and sign ups for whichever level 1,2, or 3 one chose.. For more information Listen here 507-726-3700 Visalus is making waves in Tampa Florida with Team Takeover.. headed up by Cedrick Harris and Larry Beacham. A new team build started by Todd Gragg and Caryn Elizabeth has created quite a stir among Caryn’s facebook community and her Empower Network team as a whole. 2012 has brought with it many who would create new years resolutions, including weight loss goals, getting fit goals and creating new ways of bring home more bacon. Although marketers in the Network marketing industry are running to Visalus to join, Caryn and Todd have hit a home run in Tampa. From new member superstar Earl Christy, who was running back in the 1969 Super Bowl 3 Championships, this Visalus team is extremely desirous to create a team spirit that goes as far north and the poconos of PA and as far west as California.. with members joining the team almost daily. January 9th began with calls from Cedrick Harris to George Gragg’s residence in a lovely little development in Tampa.. Nearby Cedrick Harris and Larry Beacham make their homes. In came Cedrick and Larry with large bags in hand.. filled with the new Challenge Magazine, the only Network Marketing Company’s