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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 24, 2008

ViSalus Sciences has decided to cap off a remarkable year with an announcement sure to have its community revved up for an even bigger 2009. The health and wellness company has come to be known not only for its cutting-edge product line, but also for boasting one the most aggressive and rewarding car bonus programs in the Direct Sales Industry today – The ViSalus BMW Program.

This incentive, dubbed “The Ultimate Business Driving Machine” promotion when it launched in late 2006, allows ViSalus Distributors to qualify based on sales volume for a monthly bonus to be used towards the lease or purchase of a black BMW. In only two years, the program has welcomed an astounding 688 qualifiers, all of whom are recognized on stage at ViSalus national events and handed a “TOLD U SO” license plate as they join the “Bimmer Club.”

“We all knew when we came up with this program that we were going to have some people taking serious action to qualify for the Bimmer Club,” said ViSalus Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Blake Mallen. “What we never anticipated, however, is the sheer volume of people who are now driving their dream cars just two years later.”

Fellow Co-Founder and ViSalus Chief Sales Officer Nick Sarnicola echoed Mallen’s sentiment. “The most rewarding thing to watch happen for me isn’t just making it possible for people to drive such incredible cars,” Sarnicola said. “The really fun part for me is watching how a person’s ViSalus business takes off AFTER they get their BMW. It’s an absolutely unbeatable marketing tool. You can’t argue that the business works when that ‘TOLD U SO’ plate passes you on the road.”

The ViSalus BMW Program has created a number of heartwarming stories from the four corners of our nation and beyond. From Alaska to Hawaii, California to Florida, and everywhere in between, chances are there is a ViSalus-branded black BMW on the road near you.

Perhaps the most remarkable BMW story to date is that of the Reid family. Residents of Fishers, Indiana, the Reids have an astounding 5 ViSalus BMW’s! “People joke with us, ‘are you running a dealership in your front yard?” said ViSalus Distributor Bridget Reid, the first in her family to qualify for the Bimmer Club. “We’ve actually gotten new people involved with ViSalus who just drive by and stop at our house to ask what we do that gives us a driveway packed with BMW’s.”

For ViSalus Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Blair, this is the kind of story he would love to see more of in the year to come. “ViSalus is an opportunity that people need right now,” said Blair. “There are so many people, more and more every day, who don’t know how they’re going to make their next car payment, let alone a mortgage, or even putting food on the table for their families. When it came time to consider this program extension, there was really no discussion. It is a privilege and our responsibility to continue offering this unique reward to our community of loyal ViSalus Distributors.”

The extension of the BMW Program is the exclamation point on what has been a momentous year for a company that has not yet celebrated its fourth birthday. The first quarter of 2008 was marked by exponential growth due to the launch of the Trim Slim Shape Program for weight loss and weight management.

As the pounds dropped across the nation, ViSalus’ summer time sales soared, buoyed by the continued success of the company’s Vi-pak Advanced Anti-Aging & Energy System as well as the cutting-edge healthy energy drink, ViSalus NEURO.

August marked a milestone for ViSalus, as they announced a partnership with Blyth, Inc., joining Blyth’s portfolio of established global brands in the Direct Selling channel. Blyth Chairman Robert Goergen was on hand in October to witness a ViSalus record crowd cheer the partnership at the company’s national Vitality event in Las Vegas, Nevada. This event also served as the launching pad for the company’s new Vi-Net platform, a dynamic online community for ViSalus Distributors that provides social networking software and innovative business building tools.

The energy and excitement from that Vitality event have continued through the final months of 2008, and have positioned ViSalus for continued growth in 2009 and beyond.

About ViSalus :

ViSalus, with headquarters in Troy, Michigan and Los Angeles, CA, is a leading Weight Management and Nutritional Supplement maker utilizing the direct selling channel to distribute its products.

ViSalus may be found on the Internet at


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